Educational Programs

Judy as a clinician

Judy as a clinician for the Pagosa Springs Girls Choir. If we miss a generation…

Educational Programs Available

Each program includes Judy singing and playing the guitar along with a power point presentation of historical facts and pictures that encompass each school’s area and how it relates to Texas History.

      • The Cowboy and Trail Drives
      • Mothers of Texas History
      • Texas History In Song and Story
      • The Alamo

Meets Educational Needs

As an educator, you need a program that encompasses several aspects of development.

      • Includes State Mandated Testing Objectives in Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and Music
      • Is Adapted to the history of your area of the state
      • Emphasizes the importance of reading and writing
      • Promotes good citizenship

Educational Programs

The Cowboy and Trail Drives

This program is designed for 4th Grade students and students who study Texas and Western History, but can be adapted to all age groups. Program includes a power point presentation and Western items for students to feel and touch, which are associated with the cowboy days. Areas covered include who the cowboy is, the cattle drives and some of the songs collected during the era – many of which Judy sings with the students. An Educator’s Guide with a CD is available for this program.

Mothers of Texas History

This program is designed for 3rd Grade students but as always can be adapted to all grade levels. Many of the unsung heroes of the early settlers were the women. Included in this study are women like Molly Goodnight – who was a school teacher and then the first white woman on the Llano Estacado and wife of Charles Goodnight; Lizzie Johnson – who owned her own herd and was the first woman to take her herd to market in Kansas, thus becoming known as the Cattle Queen of Texas; and many others who left their mark on our history. Judy sings songs with the students that aid in telling the story of these women in history.

Texas History in Song and Story

Texas History in Song and Story is a concert for kids! Many of the same songs and stories from other educational programs are included. However, Judy sings the majority of the program instead of talking. This program is designed for 4th grade and 7th grade as an overview of Texas History from the settling of Texas through the end of the cowboy era. This program is TEKS related and includes a power point presentation.

The Alamo

This program looks at the history of the Alamo and takes a deep look into the beginning of the Republic of Texas. The Alamo is more than a building; it is the icon of Texas Independence and the new Republic which has stood in the hearts and mind of all Texans. The program is for a higher educational level and is designed specifically for 7th grade students. It includes a power point presentation including many pictures not easily available.

Western Wisdom Educator’s Guide


It has been said that more books, artwork, songs and movies have been written, composed or filmed about the years of approximately 1865 to 1890. This time period is studied and documented more than any other 25-year block of history. Judy has a great passion to continue teaching the era of the men and women who helped settle the West. Therefore, programs have been developed that are intended to bring life to that period in history. The Western Wisdom Educator’s Guide was developed to reach the needs of educators to give more information, activities and songs. A CD with some of the songs from the programs is included with the guide as well as performance tracks without voice. The CD is suitable to use to present as a short program or concert.

The Guide includes the following sections:

      • Background – Who is the cowboy and what is this Western Music?
      • Prior to the Program – Use this section to acquaint students with the terminology and what to expect of the program.
      • Follow-up Activities.
      • Activities – Includes activities that can be used to enrich the study of the period.
      • Songs – Sing along with songs of the period and the people important to that time. Activities are included with each song.
      • Appendix – A vocabulary list, reading list, list of music selections and a list of internet sites are included for further study.
      • CD – The first four tracks are vocal and instrumental tracks, followed by those same songs with performance tracks for your PTA program or as a program to conclude your study.
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